Riviera Parking


Riviera Parking was a temporary project space located in a two-car garage in the Lower Riviera neighborhood of Santa Barbara. Each artist was asked to present one work, over one weekend, made during the pandemic. The conversations and process from each exhibition is presented on this website.

This project began as a way to have conversations with artists. We were interested in knowing more about the work they are making and if or how the COVID-19 pandemic had changed their studio practice. Due to the distance between LA and Santa Barbara, video-calling, emailing and phone conversations became a way for us to look and talk about artist work. The notes, texts, and images shared during our conversations became just as important as the final exhibition.

The process of moving work from an artist studio to the exhibition space became something that we considered after reflecting on first conversations with artists. We thought about the drive between the Los Angeles artist studio to our Santa Barbara garage and how the transitory space and time of this drive parallels our garages function: temporary and transitional.

Each artists one work presented in the garage leaves the space at the end of the weekend but the process and conversation, the photos and detritus, will reside online after this pandemic, even after the garage returns to its original function as a domestic storage space. You can see this ephemera in the artist links.